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It’s with great sadness that I write this to you today.

I consider myself a reasonable person, but there is only so much that anyone can be expected to put up with.

How many links did you send me? How many flame wars did you start? How many times did I ask you to please, please stop spamming me with those damn blog posts of yours? I don’t care about what you had for lunch, who you had it with and how that relates to your launch party.

Why couldn’t you just listen?

I had hoped we could resolve this another way, but it looks like the only thing you’ll understand is this — unfriend me.

I know it hurts but I think this will be better for both of us. We’re just heading in different directions you and I, and as much as I hope your new Web 2.0 application takes off, I just can’t keep reading about it in my status updates.

That’s right, take me off of your Myspace, Unfollow my Twitter, Defriend my Facebook and remove me from your FriendFeed. I just can’t have you cluttering up my online life anymore.

I’m so sorry this had to happen. If you ever need anything, feel free to contact me.

Well, actually, don’t . . .

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